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How to Solve Problems & Prevent Trouble
How to Solve Problems & Prevent Trouble
Richard W. Wetherill

The key principle in this book is that most of humanity's problems are caused by illogical thinking. If a man can correct the distortions in his logic, he can solve, and even prevent the kinds of issues that he does not desire.
"Fundamental to life is the law of absolute right. It states: Right action gets right results, whereas wrong action gets wrong results. Therefore, no person can do what he considers wrong without first rationalizing what he had formerly considered wrong so that it seems right."
"A person really cannot get into trouble by being right. He gets into trouble by being wrong. He may gain something by being wrong, but he always pays more for it than it is worth, and he may lose something by being right, but he gains something far more precious."
A very quick read with a practical and powerful message. (121 pages)

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